Window cleaners

You have a lot of glass and you don't have time to take care of it?                                            Your windows are difficult to access? 

To answer these questions and in its mission to make cleaning more pleasant, Oooway is proud to present its two latest generation window washing robots : Ooobot Vitres V2.0 & Ooobot Vitres Pro V2.0. 

A window washing robot is a fully automatic robot that moves over the glass surfaces to clean them. All our robots use a suction system to adhere to the glass. This is a very strong suction that allows the robot to attach itself to the glass surfaces. Once your robot is switched on, just apply detergent to the area to be cleaned, attach the robot to the glass and press the start button and it will start working by itself. 

Window cleaners

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Ooobot Window V2.0 - Window cleaning robot


Oooway is proud to present you its window washing robot Ooobot Vitres V2.0 which cleans your windows and tiles while you have your coffee! This model is best suited for cleaning standard size windows with edges. - It can do everything: windows, skylights, verandas, bay windows, winter garden,...

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Ooobot Floor Detergent Pack 1 liter x4


Pack of 4 x 1 Litre bottles of detergent for all types of floors This detergent has been specially designed for our Ooobot Sols and Ooobot Sols Pro mops. Our customers tell us that the clean smell is very pleasant.  The solution is to be mixed with water: 10 cl of product for one litre of...