Floor Cleaners

You don't want to spend hours cleaning your floors anymore? 

Essential, cleaning your floors is often considered a boring and tiring task. Luckily, in its mission to make cleaning more pleasant, Oooway is proud to present its two mops that allow you to simplify this task and make it more pleasant, faster and less strenuous.

Floor Cleaners

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Ooobot Floor - Wireless magic mop


Oooway presents its Ooobot Sols mop, a revolution in floor cleaning! You will have no more limits, as soon as you switch on this electric floor mop without wires, you can use it with your fingertips in every corner of your home and on any surface. It allows you to clean/oil/wax your floors...

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Ooobot Floor Pro V2.0 - Wireless magic mop


Oooway is proud to present its magic mop Ooobot Sols Pro. This latest generation cordless electric floor mop provides a lightweight feeling that allows you to clean/oil/wax your floors effortlessly and 5x faster than with the traditional method!  - For all types of hard floors: smooth or...