In 2015, Oooway was born in the innovation boom of "connected objects" which concerns many sectors of activity, from home automation to leisure products through safety and health.

In 2017, Oooway invented the "Smart-household" concept and created its own intelligent cleaning products under its own brand name: Oooway (Out Of Ordinary Way) and Ooobot (Out of Ordinary robot).

Oooway is therefore at the origin of the intelligent cleaning movement in Switzerland, which we believe will grow in importance as we are convinced that time is our most precious asset.

Smart-ménage products differ from other cleaning products and machines because they help to clean faster with little or no effort and thus save time for households and businesses.

Present at the main trade fairs in Switzerland: Habitat & Jardin, Foire du Valais, Le Comptoir Suisse, Olma, Bea, Zugermesse, Les Automnales, 180 degrees and many others, as well as at local fairs, Oooway is recognized as the leader in the cleaning robot industry and arouses great interest at these fairs.

Whether for Ooobot products or customer service, Oooway, as a Swiss company, makes every effort to guarantee a high standard of quality.

Although Oooway is physically present in almost all of Switzerland through the trade fairs, Oooway also sells 24 hours a day via the E-store, and also on omni-channel platforms such as Amazon, Ricardo, and many others.

Save time!

Oooway LLC
1260 Nyon