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Ooobot Window V2.0 - Window cleaning robot

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Oooway is proud to present you its window washing robot Ooobot Vitres V2.0 which cleans your windows and tiles while you have your coffee! This model is best suited for cleaning standard size windows with edges.

- It can do everything: windows, skylights, verandas, bay windows, winter garden, wall tiles, etc.

- It allows you to reach inaccessible windows. No more need for ladders!

- Quickly ready to use, it does everything for you: it rubs, wipes and vacuums. 

- As a manufacturer, Oooway knows its robots inside out and will provide you with the necessary advice for optimal cleaning.

He is positioned as the ideal candidate to help you!


An easy to use robot

Simply apply detergent to the area to be cleaned, place the robot on the glass (it attaches to the glass by suction, Vacuum technology) and briefly press the start button on the robot or on your remote control so that it starts working by itself. 

A robot that adapts to your home

This window washing robot is capable of cleaning efficiently on all types of glass surfaces in complete autonomy: windows, glass doors, skylights, bay windows, verandas, conservatories, etc... 

It goes everywhere! There is no longer any need for a professional, or to use a ladder to reach your hard-to-reach windows. Your Ooobot Vitres V2.0 is there for you! Fast, it will only take 8 minutes to clean a window of about 2 m². 

Optimal cleaning quality

Microfibre tabs: Microfibre allows for quality cleaning that is suitable for all glass surfaces. The grey microfibres of this robot have been designed for wet or dry cleaning of your windows. The use is recto / verso. The legs are machine washable (30°) and are reusable. 

Built-in drying function: the suction power of the extractor will immediately dry the droplets that remain after the robot has passed through as if you would do it with a manual cleaner.

Dust extractor function: once captured in the microfibre, the dust is ejected out of the unit thanks to its motor / extractor. This way the skids reach saturation less quickly and can continue to lift off and absorb dust throughout the cleaning cycle.

Navigation: The remote control allows you to choose between three automatic navigation modes.

Artificial intelligence: The Ooobot Windows V2.0 has AI technology that automatically detects the entire window area and calculates its cleaning path. It starts its cycle from anywhere on the window pane and guarantees 99% coverage of the glass surface. Once the cycle is completed, it stops automatically and signals the end of its cycle with a beep.

A guarantee of security

Backup battery: Each Ooobot Vitres V2.0 is equipped with a backup battery in case of a power supply problem that allows it to remain attached to the window for up to 20 minutes.

Safety cord: the robot is equipped with a safety cord that allows it to work in complete peace of mind. 

Contents of the box

An Ooobot Vitres V2.0
An adapter
An extension of 4 meters 
Six pairs of gray microfibre cleaning pads
A security cord
A remote control (with batteries)
A user manual

2 year warranty


Data sheet

Remote control
Extension of 4 meters
User's manual
AC adapter and cable
Microfibre cloths, 4 pcs.
Safety cord
290x140x11,5 mm
0,95 Kg
Li-ion 600 mAh
Power Watt
Input Adapter
100-240 V - 50-60 Hz
OUTPUT Adapter
24 V - 3,75 A
Sound volume DB
4 minutes per m2
Use upside down
AI technology
Minimum glass size

Specific References


Flyer_D_ Ooobot Vitre V2

Download (1.45M)

Flyer_F_ Ooobot Vitres V2

Download (1.45M)

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