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Ooobot Floor Pro V2.0 - Wireless magic mop

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Ooobot sols pro

Oooway is proud to present its magic mop Ooobot Sols Pro.

This latest generation cordless electric floor mop provides a lightweight feeling that allows you to clean/oil/wax your floors effortlessly and 5x faster than with the traditional method! 

- For all types of hard floors: smooth or profiled tiles, wooden floors, laminated floors, linoleum, granite, marble, etc.

- No more heavy and cumbersome bucket of water that has to be moved and emptied over and over again.

- No more hard-to-reach areas, its manoeuvrability allows it to go anywhere.

- With its removable battery, you can use your Ooobot while another battery is charging.

It is surprised by the quality of its cleaning and its soft grip.


For a perfect cleaning quality

Effective on all surfaces: this mop can clean all types of surfaces without any problem. Tiles (also with profiles), parquet including oiled real wood floors, laminate floors, linoleum, floors, natural stone (granite and marble).

Micro-drop sprayer: our mop is equipped with an intelligent micro-drop spraying system. It diffuses the cleaning product located in the detergent tank throughout the cleaning process. In addition, thanks to the button on the handle you can spray more detergent to dissolve and clean stubborn stains. 

Double rotation motor: Equipped with a double rotation motor, the mop releases twice as much cleaning force as a normal mop. In addition, this one has been specially designed to work in silence in order to respect everyone's peace of mind. 

Ultrafibre pads: The 15 mm thick ultrafibre pads allow for quality cleaning that is suitable for all surfaces. A velcro fastening system allows a quick and easy installation. There are two types of legs for our mop:

- The pink tabs have been designed for cleaning all types of floors.

- The green legs have been designed for waxing and washing all types of floors

The two different legs are machine washable (30°) and reusable.

Designed to make your life easier

Removable battery in place of the power cable: the Ooobot Sols Pro is battery operated and can therefore work in every corner of your home. The autonomy is about 30 minutes, which is equivalent to cleaning an area of 120 m². It recharges from 0% to 100% in less than 3 hours. The fact that the battery is removable gives you the advantage of being able to use several batteries and thus increase your cleaning time without interruption. 

Easy to store: the Ooobot floor mop has been designed to be as practical as possible. That is why Oooway has thought up a simple and efficient storage system. Simply fold your floor cloth in one movement to put it in standby mode. 

Easy care: it is surprisingly easy to clean! After perfectly cleaning your floors in record time, just put it in standby mode, recharge it for the next use and start washing the ultrafiber legs. Nothing more!

Ecological footprint: no more need to consume litres of water. Thanks to its intelligent micro-droplet spraying system, the amount of water used is greatly reduced from an average of 5 litres to 300 ml for a surface area of 120m². 

Contents of the box

An Ooobot Sols Pro
A 300 ml detergent tank
A charger for the removable battery
A pair of ultrafiber green paws
A pair of pink ultrafiber paws
A user manual

2 year warranty

Ooobot sols pro

Data sheet

Power Watt
Sound volume DB
Charging time Battery
Adjustable handle
Reservoir quantity in ml
Integrated front light
Cable-free function

Specific References


Flyer_F_ Ooobot Sols pro V2

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Flyer_D_ Ooobot Sols pro V2

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Fiche produit Sols Pro V.2.0

Download (3.18MB)

Fiche produit Sols Pro V.2.0

Download (3.18MB)

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