Ooobot Window Pro Cordless - Cordless window cleaning robot

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Ooobot Window Pro Cordless can clean in hard-to-reach places thanks to its battery, which ensures a 90-minute cleaning time without hindrance.

Its dynamic navigation system allows an optimized cleaning of the window. This fully automatic robot is perfect for cleaning large and medium-sized areas.

Its safety cord can be positioned by means of a suction cup, which facilitates its safety.

- It cleans your windows, bay windows, tiled walls, conservatories, skylights and hard-to-reach areas with extreme ease. - As a manufacturer, Oooway knows its robots inside out and will give you the advice you need to achieve optimal cleaning.

Clean your windows freely and safely!

Delivery time approx. 10 days

A cordless robot 

The Ooobot Window Pro Cordless has a rechargeable battery with 90 minutes of autonomy for optimal cleaning of your windows, and particularly for accessing hard-to-reach places. 

A robot that adapts to your home

This window cleaning robot is capable of cleaning all types of glass surfaces efficiently and independently: windows, glass doors, skylights, bay windows, conservatories, etc. 

Moreover, thanks to its 4 sensors, it is possible to make it work on surfaces without edges! So you can clean windows without edges, shower walls, glass tables, mirrored cupboard doors etc.

It goes everywhere! No more need to call in a professional or use a ladder to reach your hard-to-reach windows. Your Ooobot Window Pro Cordless is there for you! 

Optimal cleaning quality
The navigation with variable frequency suction allows it to optimize the passage on the glass.

The microfiber cloth is washable in a washing machine (30°) and can be reused. 

A guarantee of safety

Battery backup: Ooobot Window Pro Cordless is equipped with a battery backup in case of a power problem that allows it to remain attached to the window for 20 minutes.

Safety cord: the robot is equipped with a safety cord allowing it to work in complete peace of mind.

Contents of the box

One Ooobot Window Pro Cordless
A charger
4 cleaning cloths
A safety cord with suction cup
Remote control (with batteries)
One user manual
2 year warranty


Data sheet

Safety key with cord
Cleaning cloths, 4 pcs
Remote control
AC adapter and cable
User's manual
Vacuum suction force
5600 pa
Frames and vacuum
250x250x90 mm (total height with handle)
1,35 Kg
Li-ion 650 mAh
Power Watt
Input Adapter
100-240 V - 50-60 Hz
OUTPUT Adapter
24 V - 3,75 A
Sound volume DB
Remote control
AI technology
Minimum glass size
50 / 50 cm

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